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A journeyman Millwright and experienced carpenter, Christina Goulet has brought the knowledge and expertise from her family’s renovations business to the Cornwall area. As sole owner of Goulet Renovations, she undertakes and manages all of her projects without the need for sub-contractors. 

Goulet Renovations prides itself by having one standard, regardless of the project. That standard is excellence and it is reflected in every finished project, whether it be minor task or, a comprehensive home restoration. 

Because of this commitment to excellence, she has gained an enviable reputation with home owners and professionals alike. In fact, some area suppliers have begun to recommend her firm because of the quality of work she performs.

After working in the family business and gaining experience in the Alberta oilfields, she made the decision to launch Goulet Renovations and locate to the Cornwall region. With close to three years in the area, she has completed a broad range of home improvement and restoration projects across Cornwall, the United Counties and West Quebec. 


Goulet Renovations completes a wide variety of home e renovation projects, large and small. It could be as simple as changing a faucet for an elderly homeowner or perhaps, a major exterior renovation to a large century home (view a more comprehensive project list [HERE]). 

Goulet Renovations projects have included:  bathroom make-overs, kitchen renovations, flooring, tile work, windows, doors, decks, siding, and much more. A review of the many testimonials will underscore the quality that Goulet Renovations brings to any project.

Integrity and Excellence

Goulet Renovations is rapidly gaining acceptance across the region for its quality work and commitment to excellence. In addition, Ms. Goulet offers a personal touch to each project and strives to minimize any disruptions to her clients as the work is completed.

Goulet is frank about her commitment to excellence. “Because the name, Goulet Renovations reflects on me in a very personal way, I strive for excellence in everything I do and it is reflected in the many client testimonials I've received.”

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